CHRISTMAS SONG                                                       KP 9/12/94                                        

Carry on with Christmas,
The Child will surely come,
The peace of Christmas Eve
Will still the hucksters' drum.

The devil of the morning
Is the angel of the night,
Shining in the windows,
The Great Star is bright,

Children's happy faces,
Mothers' tears of joy,
Fathers hold the baby,
Everybody's boy.

Carry on with Christmas,
Haul in the tree,
Build up the fire
In the stone chimney,

Carry on with Christmas,
The lights in church,
Carols on the organ,
Carry on the search

For peace and love and power,
For angels in the sky,
Waiting for the hour,
Must the baby die?

Carry on with Christmas,
The Child will come again,
The silent night will hush us,
The Christmas bells will ring.

Carry on with Christmas,
Carry on the pain
The end in the beginning
Calvary's rain.

Implicit in the stable,
Sad in Mary's eyes,
And through it all the glory
In the midnight skies.