Farm Talk Fragment. Rainy Saturday


Do you have a pair of tweezers I can borrow?

Sure.  What for?

But they might get dirty.  I donít want good ones.

Itís okay, just bring them back.  Is this one of those things where theyíre going to disappear into the farm and Iíll never see them again?

No.  I just have toÖ

What do you need them for?

Just something I have to do.

Just tell me

Well I was seeding the broccoli and I had the seeder set to three seeds to a hole instead of one seed to a holeÖ

So youíre going out there and pick those seeds out with the tweezers?


Are the seeds that expensive?

 I donít have any more seeds.

I have to write this down.  Make me a document while I get them. 

You want a computer upstairs, donít you.

No, I want a pink laptop  Here they are.