When My Mother Dies





When my mother dies she will wake up from this bad dream

She will rise up lightly and look out the window

There will be elm trees along the street as tall as fountains

She will see them clear as crystal and she will jump out of the window into the morning






When my mother dies she will run down the green hill and leap off the rocks into the deep green

 quarry and sink down down till her toes touch the waving grass at the bottom

open her eyes, follow the bubbles back to the top sit on the rocks and dry out in the sun




When my mother dies she will feel the cool breeze blowing and look down and see clearly her own thin bare brown feet and count her ribs with her fingertips.

And she will not know what she looks like.

She will tear down the sidewalk on her scooter

She will be the fastest runner

She will smell the crushed sweet grass.







When my mother dies she will put on the prettiest silk dress and go downtown for a soda.

She will stand in front of her class and they will do as she says

She will be proud of herself



When my mother dies she will see the circle and everyone and everyone eating everything and she will say she knew that

And all the voices will say yes, you knew that 

and she will sing and dance with all the voices forever.

When my mother dies she will run to her mother whose mother is holding her tight, 

and she will be holding her babies tight and be part of that chain 

back for ever and ever amen